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Franchise type cooperation offered by Alfamart  consist of 3 types.

First, a new store scheme – a  convertion where franchisee proposes location for new store opening .

Second,  a new store scheme- a convertion where franchisee proposes suggested location  which is still formed a small market to be developed into Alfamart store .

Mean while, the third scheme is take over store, where franchisee take over store , where franchisee take over store possesion belongs to Alfamart which has already been processing.



Franchisee enables to choose store type that suitable with the width measurement  of belonged  areas. There are some types offered, such as 36 racks and 45 racks type.

There are the investment  estimation of Alfamart store with its selling area 80m2 up to 100m2 width.

*The investment price in out  of property  and possibly changed based on certain condition in which the store is in process of opening

The Initial Investment covers :

  1. Franchise  fee  : 45 million  for  5 years
  2. Electricity installation
  3. Store equipment  and air conditioner
  4. Retail information system
  5. Shop sign dan sign pole
  6. Store permission
  7. Promotion and preparation of store opening



Alfamart  also offers take over package, where franchisee candidate be able to take over store belongs to Alfamart which has been operating well . Invesment has already been involved building rent fee for 5 years ,franchise fee is about 45 million  for 5 years , store equipment and goodwill.



The convertion program offers franchise cooperation to local minimarket  owner /small market which eager to develop theirs business.

Alfamart  gives  2 easiness for all owners who join this program ,such as :

Racks that belong to local minimarket /small market can be used and recognized as investement fee reduced (*Rack criteria must be suitable with Alfamart  store rack standard).

  • Confesiion of trade goods belong to local minimarket / small market as trade goods that remain for stock of  Alfamart franchise store opening .