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Alfamart has been reaching whole islands in indonesia, such as java, bali, sumatera (in progress:Aceh,west

sumatra and pangkal pinang), south and north sulawesi and in another island of  kalimantan , such as south

and west kalimantan till now.

Alfamart also being active doing such expansion into several areas in asia . One of them is philiphine.


As the  age of alfamart being increased, almost precious achievements in brand recognition in indonesia have

been acquired .

These things become  a prove for million loyal customers in each day to choose Alfamart shop in their daily

needs fulfillments.


We attempt to make alfamart becomes 'A true community Store '' which underlies a basic philosop of our activities to give fast service , good quality and easy accessibility for customers in store   surrounding .

  1. The chosen store for shoping
    • Cheap price of main needs
    • Satisfying service
    • comfortable atmosphere
    • near location and reachable for people
  2. Community Zone
    • Second floor of store as society activity, such as :
    • Social gathering
    • Society forum
    • Learning place for children
    • Socialization place (nutrion education)
    • Produck & cook demonstration
  3. Community Information
    • Community media  for surrounding people
    • Healty information
    • Announcement of selling
    • Buying and renting (house ,vehicle)
    •  promotion information
  4. Privilege for community
    • Payment point (utility, vehicle credit payment, remittance)
    • E – Services: ticket, e commerce
    • Knowledge of product 
    • Chance of work training for students and part time work for society
  5. Million loyal customers of Alfamart
    • The loyal customers are precious asset , million people  have been joining loyal customers membership of Alfamart.